Cauliflower & Leek Soup with Parsley Pesto

It might seem like spring is just around the corner, with pretty little buds showing and bees heading off on pollen seeking missions, but there’s still a chill wind to the air and a month or two of chilly weather to endure. 

And with the news that we should be eating 10 portions of veg a day this brings me to Soup.

Soup. Yummy, Warming Soup.

Soup is a brilliant and tasty way to add lots of extra veggies into your diet, without much effort at all.  All you have to do is cook them up with some delicious broth, add some seasoning and then blend. Add a few toppings and you have a comforting & easy lunch or dinner.

I like to make a vat of soup, then freeze portions to take to work, or heat up for a quick supper. It’s much nicer than canned soup, or even the ‘fresh’ kind you buy from the supermarket, and really not very difficult to make. 

The parsley pesto that I used to swirl through this comforting Cauliflower & Leek soup could easily be replaced with any kind of pesto that you might have, but I had a huge bunch of parsley that I wanted to use up and it’s green-ness has added a pop of colour & flavour to a few other meals since. To learn how to make a vegan pesto out of almost any leafy green, check out my previous post on Carrot Top Pesto (Almost any leafy green can be pesto’d!) 

Adding a few extra bits & bobs to a soup can really help make it a meal,  especially when it’s a blended, creamy soup. You can add all kinds of things;  Nuts, seeds, croutons, little crispy bits of onion, slivers of veggies, swirls of chilli sauce, or a creamy (vegan) sour cream or mayo… get creative & customise for a delicious bowl of yum. 


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