Win a Delicious Wine Subscription from Le Petit Ballon

Everyone knows I’m fond of wine. Luscious reds to warm you from the inside out, crisp whites to refresh on a summer’s day. Wine to drink with food, wine to share with friends. 

And best of all? Wine that surprises and delights. 

Le Petit Ballon is a new wine subscription service. You sign up for as many months as you like, then each month they send you a carefully selected duo of wines. 

Each month has a theme to tie the delicious wine together. It could be art.. it could be organic wines… it could be music. It’s just like getting a little wine present every month!

Because who doesn’t love a present coming through the post?

Le Petit Ballon have a master sommelier John Michel, who wants to delight your taste buds, so you can be sure that each month there will be something new and exciting. It also comes with a handy tasting guide to your wines, so you’re not only getting wine, you’re getting wine knowledge, which is always useful for impressing your friends!


Somehow word got out about how much I love wine.. and they got in touch & asked if I’d like to try their service. I mean, how could I say no?! 

I was sent two bottles- a red & a white, which came beautifully packed. I had to sit on my hands a bit to not just open a bottle right away. (Ok- it was a weekday morning but, y’know) Somehow I magically resisted and held out until the weekend. (I do have SOME discipline. Sometimes) 

The white was a gorgeously soft Macon Villages Chardonnay from Maison Paul Benoit.  (I ADORE a Chardy- ’cause I’m Aussie and you can’t take the Aussie out of a girl no matter where she ends up) and this one slipped down so easily. Fruity, buttery and with a lovely light floral finish. Perfect for a late summers day to sip whilst eating some snacky snacks or even to take to a BBQ. 

The red was a lush Tempranillo from the Rioja. Lar de Paula. Rich, jammy, yet light , ever so slightly spicy and above all, super drinkable. I ended up sharing it with some friends who came over for lunch, (I KNOW, I’m generous like that) and they all adored it too. 

Speaking of friends. This subscription service would make an AMAZING special gift for someone. I know I’d love to receive a monthly wine surprise. Or be nice to yourself and give yourself a subscription. You’ll love your own thoughtfulness every month when it turns up! 

Or.. Why not enter our little competition! You’ll win a month’s subscription, which means you too could have 2 delicious bottles of wine delivered to your door. What could be a nicer present to yourself? 

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*the wine in this post was kindly sent to me by Le Petit Ballon to trial. Opinions are my own! 

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