Nasturtiums…beautiful & edible


The middle flower bed in the garden has been over-run with nasturtiums, they’re a burst of vivid green and pale yellow in our autumn beds.. At this time of year they flower & put out new leaves & runners like mad- hoping to drop their seeds ready to lie dormant over winter & surprise us next year with where they have managed to get themselves into.

Fortunately- unlike the dreaded Convolvulus (bindweed)- my garden nemesis, they are almost completely edible. Their leaves and flowers make a tangy, peppery & decorative addition to all my salads, with a taste that is something like watercress.. the seeds are also edible – but very peppery, apparently they used to be collected & made up into something like capers.. I haven’t tried that….yet…

The leaves are also delicious wilted down & used like spinach- I’ve added them into frittatas, and sauteed them with garlic as a side dish.

Come wintery weather, they’ll simply wither away.. but hopefully by then my spinach & chard will have grown up & be waiting to take their place.

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