Spring Bees..The Brendas are flying.

It’s officially SPRING!! 

When I lived in Sydney, I don’t think I really quite understood how the change of seasons could effect me so much. Really. It’s quite a thing. Living in London has made me really appreciate the changes. The subtle difference between 10 C and 13C ..  the 3C difference between Winter and Spring. 

And our Bees know it too. They’re flying, seeking out the blossoms and buds that spring brings. Our cherry tree is positively buzzing with not only the Brenda’s who live in our hive, but giant, overwintered bumblebee queens. 

Does my bum look big in this blossom


Our own colony is Queen + ie: it has a strong, laying queen and even though we have not yet inspected the colony yet this season, as the days when it has been fine enough to we haven’t been around,  we can see lots of foraging already and mini squadrons of flying bees coming in and out of the hive- which are really good indicators of a healthy colony so early in the season.

Hi Brenda and is that the time bee


 We’re crossing all our fingers for a fine weekend next weekend so we can do our first inspection of the season which will tell us a bit more about how they have survived the winter. We’ve done a few very quick mini inspections over winter to check they have enough stores, ( hefting the hive and very quickly snooping in to see if fondant (emergency food) was needed, but this first inspection of the year will tell us more about the colony and what it’s needs might be.. I can’t wait! 

In the meantime, I’ve been taking lots of pictures and imagining bee conversations…..

*N.B. All our Bees are called Brenda, The Drones are called Brian. It makes roll call so much easier. The Queen is called Queen Brenda. Obviously.

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