Delicious vegetarian and vegan food can be as easy or as difficult as you would like it to be. It should, however, never be boring. I often get asked how I have come up with dishes that I have served friends & family, which is where this blog has stemmed from.

That and wanting to not forget what I have cooked- I like to experiment and I love to read cookbooks- which has some interesting outcomes. 

This blog is meant to be easy to read and the recipes fun to make and easy to follow. I like to start each recipe post with a bit of preamble as to how I achieved the recipe and why I love it. This will often include helpful tips as to how I’ve cooked the dish. Please don’t think you have to be too exact with any of my savoury dishes, I’m not!

I cook by instinct, ingredients vary according to season and place, and who knows exactly how many grams an average courgette is anyway! 

I love feedback. Don’t be shy to let me know if a recipe has worked, or not if you make it. I also love a chat on social media- I love Instagram..and I have a huge soft spot for Pinterest. (Oh Hai Pin buddies!). If you’re a Pinterest lover, please do join my Vegetables are Delicious board and ask for an invitation to pin to it

xx Louise