Zingy Citrus & Raspberry Trifle

A few weeks ago it was my Birthday (yay me!) and I made a Birthday cake to take to work. Now, I’m not the best baker, although I do love to make a cake, and vegan bakery is so far a bit of an uncharted territory for me (Apart from my own Carrot Cake & Brownies, which I have tried again & again with success)

I wanted to try something different, and as lemons are zingily in season, I used this Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake  from Lucy’s Friendly Foods (see the recipe here!), doubling it and making it into a layer cake, with lemon icing in the middle and a few blueberries added to the top. It looked AMAZING, but I was running late & didn’t take a photo. Apparently it tasted amazing too. The thing is, it was such a success that it got eaten up by my colleagues before I even tried any!

There were so many rave reviews I decided to make it again as a dessert for some friends who were coming for lunch. 

Now, I have a problem, I like to make a recipe my ‘own’ by tinkering with it, but a cake recipe is a bit like alchemy, and if you introduce other things, like, I don’t know… fresh raspberries, it might not turn out. You see raspberries are quite liquidish.. and interfere with the moisture content which kinda sorta messes with things like cook times. 

Would you like to know how I know this? Well, I decided to make a double layer lemon cake using Lucy’s recipe, but switch it up by adding in some raspberries to one of the layers. 

Lovely Readers- This DOES NOT WORK. 

So I cooked 2 layers of cake, and when I turned the first out (the layer with no raspberries) it cracked a bit  – This was no drama, these things happen. 

I then tried to turn out the layer that I had stuck pretty, juicy raspberries into before baking. Dear readers, it was a sticky, gloopy mess, despite being cooked on the outside. But it tasted AMAZING!!  

So what to do???

I had guests arriving in just under 2 hours. I panicked.

Then instead of panicking, I made a trifle with the cooked cake crumbs, some of the left over raspberries & some blood orange segments. 

(Actually, I panicked a teeny bit more, until I went to the Supermarket & bought a delish vegan custard by Oatly  & some Cointreau to soak the fruit in) 

Trifle might seem a bit extreme to make from scratch, but I can tell you, even if you don’t make the trifle, go make Lucy’s Vegan Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake. It’s wonderful. Just don’t add raspberries. 


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